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Branding is not just about looks --  branding is about creating a story, aura and experience, an interaction that is truly memorable for a specific target audience. I specialize in targeting those in-depth, unseen connections during a customer's journey and enjoy the creative thrill of breathing life back into companies and reviving their once stale brands.
Collaboration is a powerful tool and bringing ideas and projects to the table that have an explosive impact is my forte.  Contagious joy and solution oriented process combined with my leadership core and a can-do attitude, I thrive in team settings while still enjoying independently driven projects. I am looking for a place to dig my roots in deep and continue to grow!

Seeing the world, one country at a time. I have back packed across Europe, rafted down the Nile, founded a school in Uganda, traveled to 38 of our 50 states and continue to set new goals for myself each year. Goal driven, culture inspired and always ready for the next adventure, I am an achiever and live by that in both my work life and personal life.

magic behind the marketing

we connect with businesses, build trusting relationships and explode your marketing. 
we want to know, what do you do?

the team

With over 15 years of collective experience in marketing and business development, we are "you-focused"   — your company's biggest fans, advocates and want to see you exceed all of your business goals. 


Carrie Wingfield

Creative Director

& Brand Strategist


Jonathan Apple

Sales & Business Development



Chief Furry



what people are saying

"It's hard to find great designers who think outside the box, listen to your needs and get the job done on time and on budget. Carried Away Creative does all of this and then some! Their designs are always on target and exceeded my expectations. It's clear that Carrie has an exceptional design eye, but she also has the strategy and know-how to make smart decisions when it comes to marketing and big picture thinking. In my opinion, Carried Away Creative is the total and complete package. If you are looking for a design magician, look no further. Carried Away Creative is the answer."

- Kris Jones, Founder of Red Door Designs

"Carried Away Creative is the most driven and passionate company I have worked with. They work incredibly with teams because they are personable, empathetic and creative leaders. If there is a problem ahead of them, there is no stopping Carried Away Creative. They will always find a solution and sometimes multiple in order to find the best solution for the matter at hand. Their team strives for perfection and is always open to constructive criticism in order to better the design and the organization they are transforming."



- Lauren Simpson, Marketing Assistant at SRP Companies

"Over the past few years, Carried Away Creative served as our consultants for web design and art direction for founding documents for our firms.  The creativity and freshness of their approaches reflect their acute ability to listen and discern the client’s needs through casual conversations. Carried Away Creative has an innate ability to transfer what they hear in their client interviews to what they produce. It is rare to find a company whose design concepts evoke this level of communication.  Anyone who engages Carried Away Creative will experience the same great service and attention to detail.

- Russell Pilcher, CEO at Sinclair Cybernetics

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