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Achieve your goals faster with design strategies that work.

From logo and brand development to website design and marketing direction – we are your one-stop shop for all things creative.

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Most companies piecemeal their brand & design, making it disjointed and ineffective.

Are you struggling with...

A visually unremarkable brand, logo  and ineffective website?

Unreliable and untrustworthy marketing vendors that  miss deadlines?

Needing funding but not sure how to impress investors?

A pitch deck that is cluttered and uncompelling to viewers?

Finding a solutions-oriented ideation partner to collaborate with?

We believe every business deserves a reliable creative partner that’s truly invested in their success.

Elevate Confidence

Boost your impact, directly resonating with the people you want to connect with.

Embrace Partnership

Enjoy peace of mind with a creative partner that’s focused on your success and growth.

Clarify Strategy

Propel your business to grow faster with a stronger, more strategic brand presence.


I get it.
Pouring money into creative that doesn’t feel aligned with your business is frustrating.

I know you want to be a successful business on the fast track to more growth. In order to achieve that, you need a reliable design partner who aligns with your goals. The problem is, most companies hire multiple vendors which leads to fragmented brand and marketing deliverables that are ineffective. This can leave you feeling frustrated and stuck.

I believe that every ambitious business deserves a unified, intelligent design strategy that brings their vision to life. That’s why, over the past decade, I've made it my mission to help clients like you, gain easy access to impactful design solutions.

What sets my approach apart:

Broad Industry Expertise: With experience ranging from multinational corporations like Pepsi to local startups, I bring diverse and creative solutions to various industries.

Comprehensive Skill Set: My expertise spans all areas of design and including video editing, web design, UI/UX design, and strategic planning, applicable to both B2B and B2C contexts.

Efficient Problem-Solving: Recognized for quick turnaround times and clear direction, I excel in diagnosing issues rapidly and offering effective solutions.

Visionary Insight: I specialize in understanding and articulating the unspoken needs of clients, transforming their conceptual ideas into intelligent, tangible designs that exceed expectations.

If you're ready to move beyond past disappointments and embrace a future of efficient growth, I'm here to guide you every step of the way. Let's realize the full potential of your business with design and strategy that works. 



Happy Clients


Successful Projects


Years Experience

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Here's how it works



Book a call to discuss your 
needs and kickstart your branding journey.



Once the plan and pricing 
are approved, I'll dive in to bring your vision to life.



Watch your business thrive as we achieve your design and branding objectives.

“Carrie and her team deliver big agency quality at an affordable price."

Cheryl Kellond | Play Money Founder

"Carrie, known as 'the Cheryl whisperer', has been pivotal in launching three of my companies. Her unique ability to capture and evolve our brand's essence keeps our identity fresh and growing."

Cheryl & Brian Precious, RevUp Growth Partners

"For our marketing firm's launch, Carrie excellently crafted our logo, brand, and website, capturing our identity beautifully. Her process was thorough, enjoyable, and budget-friendly, delivering big agency quality."

Heidi Ray | Owner, The Ray Collective, Denver, CO

"Carrie understanding of my vision transformed The Ray Collective's branding, from color palettes to website design, aligning perfectly with our mission and values."

Don’t let mediocre design slow down your growth.

Together, let’s develop a tailored, impactful design plan so you can 
successfully engage with the right people and achieve your goals.

Get all your creative needs met with ease.


Brand Strategy

Craft a powerful and cohesive brand identity to effectively resonate with your audience and solidify your market presence.


Pitch Decks

Create compelling and persuasive presentations that succinctly convey your vision and engage potential investors or stakeholders.


App Design

Design intuitive, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing mobile applications that enhance user experience and functionality.


On-Demand Design

Provide flexible, rapid-response design services tailored to meet your immediate and varied creative needs.


Website Design

Develop engaging, responsive websites that reflect your brand's ethos and optimize user interaction and satisfaction.

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Profile photo of Carrie Wingfield, founder of Carried Away Creative

the brains
behind the magic.

Meet Carrie. Dog-lover, traveler, brand enthusiast. Her perfect match? Small to medium sized companies that are looking to transform their branding with intelligent design. Carrie is fueled by unlocking untapped potential and truly connecting you with your target audience. Your brand says so much about your company — but does your brand speak for itself? Carrie helps businesses answer that question with an evolved go-to-market strategy and complete brand transformation.
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